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Christ Episcopal School
A co-ed independent Episcopal School serving students in preschool - grade 8 in historic Rockville, MD

Auction & Gala

Fifty and Fabulous

Please SAVE THE DATE and join us February 9, 2018 for the Christ Episcopal School "Twilight in Venice" Auction and Gala! This event brings together families and faculty from throughout the school for a fun night of eating, drinking, dancing, and raising money to support our students.  This year, we will be celebrating in the beautiful ballroom at Maggiano's, where we will enjoy delicious Italian cuisine!

Last year from the auction, CES raised over $88,000, and more than $30,000 to model a lower grade classroom. Your generosity will make a huge difference in the financial success of the Gala, which directly benefits the excellent educational programs at Christ Episcopal School.

Please look for your invitation in the mail toward the end of December!  We hope you will join us and bring a friend!



CES "Twilight in Venice" Auction and Gala Survival Guide

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The CES Auction and Gala is on Friday, February 9th. What IS this event?!

The Auction and Gala is our school's largest annual fundraising event! The money raised at the Auction helps offset the costs of educating each child at CES.

Is it true that the tuition we pay does not cover the full cost of our child's education?

Yes, it's true! The money raised at the Auction and Gala helps bridge the gap between expenses covered by tuition and the cost of providing each student an exceptional CES education.

Does the school raise a lot of money through the Auction and Gala?

Yes, thanks to the generosity of our local businesses and CES families! Last year CES raised over $88,000, and raised more than $30,000 to remodel one of the classrooms in the lower school building as part of a long range plan to upgrade all of the academic spaces over the next few years! In years past, money raised at the Gala has helped us get our two school buses, technology upgrades, a full remodel of the art room, and curriculum enhancements.

Is the Gala FUN?!

The gala is a super fun night out! Whether you are a new CES parent, or a long time member of the CES family, it is hands down a great night with old and new friends! And for a good cause!

What does everyone DO at the Gala?

We eat amazing appetizers, dinner, and dessert catered this year by Maggiano's Little Italy, and enjoy an open bar! We get to bid on amazing silent auction items, we have fun with games like 'Heads and Tails", and laugh through the Live Auction as we playfully battle it out with other parents, with the help of a real live auctioneer of course! And then we dance with music provided by a great DJ!

What does it cost for a person to attend, and how do we sign up?

Each CES family will receive a printed invitation in the mail right before Christmas break. There is a card included in the invitation so you can RSVP. It costs $140 per person to attend. And that price includes everything -- food, dancing, and an open bar!

Where does the Auction and Gala take place?

This year it will be held in the ballroom at Maggiano's Restaurant which is on Wisconsin Avenue (on the border between Chevy Chase and Washington, DC). The space is beautiful, the food delicious, and there is valet and garage parking available.

Does the Gala have a theme?

Every year the Gala has a new theme. This year's theme is "Twilight in Venice"

Do the students get to come to the Gala?

No. This is an adult-only party. So parents have to remember to line up their babysitters (like, now)!

What do I wear to this event?

Cocktail attire! Your favorite dresses and ties are perfect! This year, you might even wear something related to Italy! Everyone always has fun dressing up!

Is there assigned seating for the dinner?

No. Everyone gets to spend the evening mingling and moving about.

How will we know what the auction items are?

The "Twilight in Venice" catalog will be sent home in the students' backpacks the week before the event. In the catalog you will find all of the silent and live auction items, the schedule of events for the evening, and great advertisements from businesses supporting our school. Please bring your catalog to the event- it will also serve as your auction paddle!

What types of items are typically auctioned off?

There is something for everyone! There are gift certificates to restaurants all over Montgomery County and DC! There are spa services for people who like to be pampered! Wine and other spirits! There are toys and games! There are tickets to sporting events and other family outings! Amazing trips! You can even buy your child's teacher a day off, win being in the front row at all school performances, have your child be head of school for a day, or name the school driveway! And there are teacher treats! CES Teachers generously donate fun experiences that teacher and student can do together! Of all the auction items, these are children's favorites! Some of the items that sell for the highest prices are the artwork pieces created by each CES class! The works really are priceless! (Find absentee bid sheets for class artwork here.)

How does the school get items to auction off at the Gala?

We have a great Acquisitions Committee that has already been busy contacting businesses near and far. BUT they really need help! The success of the auction depends in part on the items we can acquire. Imagine the amazing auction we will enjoy if every CES family acquires just ONE donated item! Parents who are willing to help should speak with our Acquisitions Chair, CES parent Iany Schneider, for more details on the acquisition process. Donation forms are available HERE. It is super easy to fill one out!

Silent Auction vs. Live Auction?

At the Gala, we have both a silent auction and a live auction. For the silent auction, the items up for auction will be on display for the first two hours of the Gala. Each item will have a piece of paper in front of it, which includes the amount of money people can bid on the item, and a place for you to put your auction number, which will printed on your catalog. List your best bid for the item using this number. Pay attention to when bidding closes. If you aren't watching, you may be outbid on your favorite item! The Live Auction portion of the evening is exactly what you picture with respect to an auction- an auctioneer and fast-paced bidding! This is a very fun part of the evening- the bidding wars are epic! But it is all in good fun! This year, we're adding a special "Best of Live" Raffle, where ONE lucky winner will get to choose an item form the live auction. Click HERE to find out more!

Do I have to buy something at the Auction?

No. You are not required to buy anything at the event. However, all proceeds that are raised at the Auction, benefit CES and the students. The auction team makes sure there are items up for auction at all different price points- low, medium, and high! So just contribute as your heart leads you! At the very least, be sure to come out for a fun night with the CES family!

Do the CES teachers and staff come to the Auction and Gala?

Yes! It would not be an Auction and Gala without the teachers and staff! The school covers the ticket cost for each teacher so that all faculty can attend. When you RSVP, parents do have an opportunity to contribute to the cost of teachers' tickets if they want, which in turn helps the school.

What is the Wine and Whiskey Patron Dinner Party?

The Wine and Whiskey Patron Dinner Party is another fun pre-gala event for CES parents! This year it was held on Friday, January 12th at the home of CES Parents and Justin and Nicole Stone.  At the event, Dinner and drinks are served, and the "price of admission" to the party is a bottle of wine or whiskey valued between $30 and $50 (really, with a catered dinner and drinks included, that is a cheap night out!). All bottles of wine and whiskey that are collected at the party are auctioned off at the Gala! It's just a fun opportunity for a night out with new and old CES friends! Check out the list of donations HERE.

What is "Raise the Paddle"?

Raise the Paddle is when, during the live auction, the auctioneer asks everyone to raise their auction paddle to donate at various monetary levels to a specific need the school has identified. Last year, our Raise the Paddle effort went to remodeling a lower school classroom, which is part of a long range plan to upgrade all of the academic spaces over the next few years. With everyone's generous contributions, we raised $30,000 and the second grade students this year are enjoying an amazing new classroom space! Please include the "Raise the Paddle" opportunity in your budget for the Gala evening.

What is "Heads or Tails"?

This is a quick spirited game that will be played during the live auction. A tremendous prize goes to the winner of this year's Heads and Tails game! At a cost of only $20 to play, the winner will receive a beautiful piece of jewelry from Boone and Sons! Join the fun! Plan to play!

If I win something, can I take it home at the end of the evening?

Yes! A majority of items will be available for you to take home! Because we have a great checkout system (thank you CES staff!), you will be able to know quickly and easily if you won, pay for your items, pick them up off the table after checkout and take them home! Isn't instant gratification wonderful sometimes?

Strength in Numbers?

Consider teaming together as a few parents or as an entire class for larger auction items or experiences! Consider buying your teacher a day off! Or naming the school driveway! Trip packages or teacher treat outings! The possibilities are endless, especially when parents pool resources and work together!

Do you need help with set-up and clean-up?

Absolutely! We need as many helpers as possible on the day of the event! Please come to Maggiano's and help whenever you can, even if it is for just 15 minutes! The more volunteers we have, the faster we get everything set up in time to put on our cocktail attire and dancing shoes! You'll get a preview of all of the amazing auction items and those great class baskets! If you are helping with Gala set up, you can leave your child(ren) at CES Extended Day that afternoon for no charge. At the end of the event, please consider lending a hand with clean up. Many hands make light work!

Where is Maggiano's Restaurant exactly?

Maggiano's is located at 5333 Wisconsin Avenue, NW in Washington, DC. Right on the border where Chevy Chase ends and Washington, DC begins. There is a parking garage under the restaurant, street parking, and also valet parking available. Also consider Ubering or taking a taxi!

How do I keep up to date on "all things Gala"?

The school will keep you updated on "all things Gala" in the Cardinal that comes out every Wednesday. Be sure to look for an invitation in your Email box for the Wine and Whiskey Patron Dinner Party, and then in your old fashioned mailbox for the Gala invitation!