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Mission Statement

Christ Episcopal School is the premier educational outreach ministry of Christ Episcopal Church that pursues academic excellence and the formation of loving and compassionate young people. We teach children skills for living meaningful and fulfilled lives.

We are an inclusive learning community guided by the Christian principle of loving our neighbors as ourselves. Christ Episcopal School celebrates the broad range of diversity among our students and their families, and welcomes students and families from every gender, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, and socio-economic background or identity.

Statement of Philosophy

At CES, each student and family is a priority. Our small class size and individual attention by teachers and staff foster the fullest development of each student’s unique academic potential and moral character. Every interaction is rooted in the CES Promise.

The CES Promise: to nurture students to become more kind, more confident, and more well-rounded individuals prepared to contribute to the community, and to thrive personally, spiritually, and academically.

We understand that students exposed to multiple perspectives learn to think more critically, better understand complex issues, and learn to value the differences that make individuals unique and communities enriched.

Toward that end, CES provides each student the academic skills, ethical guidelines, and values that are necessary for the maturation of the whole person.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

Christ Episcopal School admits students of all gender, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and socio-economic backgrounds and identities. The School maintains an intentionally Anglican Christian environment, and all students must participate in school activities with religious and/or ethical content.

CES graduates leave with a deep sense of their responsibilities as members of the world community.”

Weeza Bullard, CES grandparent