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Welcome to Christ Episcopal’s revamped After School Program!

CES Cardinal Club

When students attend our school, they are offered opportunities to explore unique interests, get skilled academic support, and enjoy some structured play activities once the regular school day ends. Our students get energized after school by the dynamic and experienced youth-oriented staff and creative endeavors.

Academic support is available daily to students and plenty of fresh air and activity is also on the schedule as needed.

After working hard during the school day, we offer several options for an extended day from low-key socializing to highly engaged, structured activities, depending on the needs of your student.

Cardinal Club will be an active community of teachers and students, created to nourish the whole child and provide a variety of experiences and challenges in a safe and supportive space.

Daily themed activities, such as:

  • Maker Mondays (Arts ‘n Crafts and other creative activities)
  • Tech and Talent Tuesdays (Engineering challenges or Science experiments)
  • Wellness Wednesdays (focusing on physical, social, and emotional wellness with active play, mindfulness, etc.)
  • Trivia Thursdays (learning about places around the world followed by monthly trivia contest)
  • Fun Fridays (fun celebrations like movies, field trips, special cooking events, etc.).

Our inclusive philosophy is that every child will be encouraged to participate and the activities will be modified per the needs of each child.

In addition to the play activities, Cardinal Club will ensure quiet homework time supported by Homework Helpers, academically qualified high school students and adults, to provide students extra support as needed. This will be included in the Cardinal Club contract. We are also exploring a more formalized Social-Emotional Learning component to be added to the program.

Contact us for more information.