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Middle School Current Parent “Look Ahead” Session (gr. 7 & 8)

A chance for current CES parents of 6th & 7th Grade students to get a glimpse at what next year holds for their child. Hear highlights of the curriculum and primary topics covered in each subject, and learn about special traditions and field trips for that grade! This is a great opportunity to see how you child will grow in responsibility, independence and social/emotional development in the next year. There will also be time for Q&A with the middle school teachers.

Middle School Teachers:

  • Music Teacher & Middle School Team Lead: Mr. Edwin Jacob
  • 7th & 8th Grade English and Social Studies Teacher: Mrs. Susan Scola
  • Middle School Math Teacher: Mr. Michael Yi
  • Middle School Science Teacher: Mrs. Karen Dahn
  • Spanish Teacher: Sra. Esther Johnson
  • Art Teacher: Mrs. Eunhee Choi
  • P.E. Teacher: Mr. Edgar Zuniga