Celebrating 50 Years
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Christ Episcopal School
A co-ed independent Episcopal School serving students in preschool - grade 8 in historic Rockville, MD

Visual Arts

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The Christ Episcopal School art curriculum uses art as a tool for learning - on one hand as a means of self-expression; on another, as a help to organize and gain perspective on what the children learn in other classes and outside of the school.

In art, the children learn to observe the world around them and to express personal ideas based on such observations. Most often, studies are based on observations of nature, but at times man-made objects are used such as still life drawings and paintings, sculptures, architecture, etc. Children also study the works by art history's most renowned artists.

Differentiated instruction is inherent to the program. Lessons are presented through oral description, physical demonstration, observation, brain storming, occasional written instruction, and experimentation. In addition, the nature of the subject area is such that there is rarely a right or wrong outcome; rather, it is an area where the emphasis is upon personal expression.

Diversity is an integral part of the art program, as students are exposed to the work of many ethnic groups, including Asian, African, Egyptian, and Native American artists. Also, celebrations and holidays from countries and cultures throughout the world are the theme of many lessons and projects.