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Long Term K-8 Music Substitute Position

Dates: Tuesday, April 2nd – Friday, April 19 (Three Weeks)

Class Schedule: Classes meet twice per week: K-4th Grade – 30 minutes per class, 5th-8th Grade – 45 minutes per class.

Mondays: 10:00-10:30am (4th Grade), 12:30-1:00pm (Kindergarten)
Tuesdays: 11:15am -12:00pm (8th Grade), 12:40-1:25pm (7th Grade), 1:30-2:15pm (6th Grade)
Wednesdays: 12:30-1:00pm (3rd Grade), 1:30-2:00pm (Kindergarten), 2:20-3:05pm (5th Grade)
Thursdays: 9:30-10:00am (1st/2nd Grade), 10:00-10:30am (4th Grade), 11:15am-12:00pm (8th Grade), 12:40-1:25pm (7th Grade), 1:30-2:15pm (6th Grade)
Fridays: 11:00-11:30am (1st/2nd Grade), 12:30-1:00pm (3rd Grade), 2:20-3:05pm (5th Grade)

Curriculum/Lesson Plans:

K-5th Grade Curriculum is song-based and includes:

  • Music Play Online
  • Orff
  • Kodaly
  • Other material/supplements as appropriate

In the spring, 6th-8th grade spend time heavily learning about Music History/Appreciation:

  • 6th Grade – Baroque & Classical period
  • 7th Grade – Foundation of American Music (Field Hollers, Work Songs, Spirituals, March Music, Blues, Ragtime, Dixieland, etc.)
  • 8th Grade – Rock & Roll, British Invasion, Motown, Funk

The substitute teacher is welcome to supplement teaching plans if he/she feels comfortable teaching a different way.


For more information or to apply:

Please contact Mr. Edwin Jacob at ejacob@cesrockville.org

Successful candidates for all positions at CES must successfully complete a required background check.

Christ Episcopal School is an equal opportunity employer. All employment-related decisions, including recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, benefits, layoffs and reinstatements, training, tuition assistance, and disciplinary measures will be based on job related factors and without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, disability, age, socio-economic status, genetic status, ancestry, marital status, or family responsibilities.