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Christ Episcopal School
A co-ed independent Episcopal School serving students in preschool - grade 8 in historic Rockville, MD

CES Technology Program

Christ Episcopal School's Technology Program fully supports the school's mission in matters of curriculum, student life and the professional work of our dedicated faculty and staff. Our curriculum efforts are aligned with Partnership for 21st Century Learning and ISTE's National Educational Technology Standards.

CES Mobile Computing Resources

In keeping with its commitment to bring cutting edge technology to our teachers and students and in support of our integrated technology curriculum, CES continues to expand integrated mobile computing resources for students and faculty as a natural transition towards a full fledged BYOD solution campus-wide. This goal is supported by serveral recent upgrades: a new wireless industrial-grade access points in all class-rooms and workspaces in the Church and Jefferson Buildings, a 1:1 Chromebook laptop program in the Middle School and a Chromebook cart in the Lower School, brand-new Dell Sonicwall firewall installation and the highest speed Comcast Business class Internet available.

Middle School 1:1 Chromebook Program

The Middle School 1:1 student-owned Chromebook Program is fully implemented, allowing students to work exclusively in The Cloud with their CES Google G Suite accounts at school and at home. Thanks to a newly installed high-speed Internet service and the Google Chrome Device Management System, which allows faculty and staff to observe and control student activity on their Chromebooks, all students can create, collaborate and work safely online.

Parents can follow this link to purchase their Chromebooks via the CES Chromebook Store maintained by our trusted vendor/partner CDW-G. For those parents that purchase the recommended additional accidental warranty coverage (the Chromebooks come with one year manufacturer's warranty for hardware failure only) find complete instructions on to file a claim with the CDW-G warranty department here. Those who do/have NOT purchased the recommended additional warranty coverage must file a claim with their vendor's customer support services at one of the following websites:

HP Customer Support  | ACER | ASUS

Laptops for Teachers

All full-time faculty have been provided with a high-end laptop to better support their integrated technology activities, classroom planning and professional development.

CES Google G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education)

As Google's G Suite continues its fast-paced development of cloud-based resources available to all educators, CES faculty and staff continue it's integration into their practice and the administration of the school. All CES students have accounts that allow them to work safely in a COPPA compliant environment to collaboratively share and create online documents and multimedia projects. These activities are all a part of our ongoing commitment to a robust digital school community. Learn more about how important CES Google Apps is to learning at Google for Education.

Integrated Technology Program in Lower and Middle School

CES recognizes that preparing students with 21st century computer and technology literacy skills means supporting the acquisition of tech skills outside of the traditional “computer classroom” during all their regular lessons. Accordingly we have adopted an applied or integrated tech curriculum model, using all resources in support of computer skills learning as a means of driving learning objectives in all curriculum areas. Students no longer have a "computer class". All CES students are instructed by their teachers via access to campus-wide mobile and fixed resources to use and learn computer skills as part of their English, Science, Math, Social Studies and Language Arts classes. All CES teachers are technology teachers.