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Christ Episcopal School
A co-ed independent Episcopal School serving students in preschool - grade 8 in historic Rockville, MD

Middle School

christ episcopal middle school students in science class working on an experiment

“Be strong, work hard, seek excellence, and greatness will follow.”

7th Grade Class Motto

Christ Episcopal Middle School offers its grade five through eight students a dynamic academic curriculum in an environment that builds independence, self-confidence and leadership.  Building on the foundational skills acquired in the Lower School, the Middle School continues, in a small class environment, to educate its students in the humanities, mathematics, sciences, Spanish, physical education and the arts.

The student-centered, departmentalized program stresses oral and written expression, critical thinking, problem solving and team work.  Technology is integrated into every subject area, enhancing the performance and learning of all students.  Organization and study skills are also an integral part of the program.

A supportive and highly qualified faculty encourages students to stretch themselves and to seek excellence in all that they do.  Teachers provide not only an interdisciplinary education, but also facilitate the development of a strong sense of ethical values which leads to self-respect and an appreciation for others.

Core Curriculum

The Middle School core curriculum consists of courses in English, History, Mathematics, Science and Spanish. Students are presented with challenging material in each course, with the goal of preparing them for the rigors of high school and beyond.  At each grade level, the English and History courses are taught by the same teacher, as are the Mathematics and Science courses.  This cross-disciplinary approach enables teachers to integrate their subject matters, extending the learning process and providing more relevance to the students as they acquire understandings and skills. The Spanish program focuses on the acquisition of language, as well as on developing an appreciation for Spanish speaking cultures and countries.  By the end of the 8th grade year, students have completed a full Spanish Level I course of study and may be considered for Spanish Level II placement in high school.

Co-Curricular Subjects and Athletics

In addition to the core curriculum subjects, Middle School students attend weekly classes in studio art and music. Instrumental band is offered on an optional basis.  Eighth grade students participate in a weekly drama class and also design and produce the school yearbook.  All students participate daily in physical education classes and also play on afterschool sports teams that compete with other Middle Schools.  Team sports include soccer, basketball, swimming and track and field.

Applied Technology

Technology is incorporated within each curricular subject area.  Use of educational programs, the Internet and equipment such as Ipads, along with a PC lab, help enrich the curriculum and further develop student understanding of the use of technology as an important learning tool and communication vehicle.

Homework and Study Skills

Middle School students have daily and long-term assignments that reinforce and expand upon material presented in the classroom. Students in 5th and 6th grades attend weekly study skills classes, which emphasize goal setting, time management, organization, homework planning, note-taking skills and test-taking strategies.  Students in 7th and 8th grades attend weekly study skills classes that focus on higher-level research skills while supporting the grade-level curriculum. 

Chapel Leadership

Middle School students serve as strong role models and leaders in Chapel.  Students carry the cross, light and extinguish candles, read scripture, lead prayer, collect special offerings and assist the Chaplain with lessons of the day and skits.  Middle School students also serve as Chapel partners to younger Lower School students, assisting them with their participation in Chapel.  These relationships extend beyond Chapel as Middle School students become good friends and mentors of the younger children and help build a strong sense of community throughout the school.